As being someone from the Laurentians (around 45min northwest of Montreal), I grew up in a calm area in the nature, far away from noise, concrete buildings and high population density. Since I moved in the city, I started realized more and more that I feel really comfortable when I'm far from the city, in the nature, in the calm and low population areas. These last years, I unconsciously began to attach myself from what I was detached some years ago. Those places that I perceived before as mundane, I now see them as important and fragile places. With this surge of thoughts, this project was a way for me to document a place that I’m used to going since I was a teenager. A place inhabited for a short time during the summer, but always uninhabited when I go there. A place that I perceive as isolated and off the grid but also familiar and comfortable. A place that I could called utopia and home.
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